Sunday I got round to setting up my Netras. They now all boot, and see the network. But the network sees them not. They go into a router, that's connected to a wireless ethernet adapter. The problem is, the wireless adapter only accepts packets that are addressed to the IP of the last device to route packets out of it, so only one of the four machines on the router is visible at a time, chosen by a race-to-boot.

Not having found anything that seems to be targetted directly at wireless connections for server clusters, I tried a belkin 7130 bridge, which is supposed to be able to connect two networks together. Unfortunately, the bridge cannot be configured as you can't enter the MAC address of my base router onto the configuration web-page it provides because of an error in the JavaScript. So for now, I can only boot and use one Netra at a time.

The alternative to using it as a bridge is to use it as a wap, then make my ADSL modem a client, so I may try that as an alternative.



More content management stuff

Link: http://plone.org/

Been starting to think about using an off-the-shelf CMS as back-end of a web-accessible modelling tool. There's a free Plone server at Objectis. Plone seems to do too much, being tailored to end users who don't know HTML, and not give lower level access - basically I want to post XML to a searchable bit-bucket, and very little more. I know it can be done with JackRabbit, but I don't have time to write all the ancillary stuff in Java. Jython allows creation of servlets using Python, so that may be the way to go.




In my previous employment, I named the command to remove a user from one of the systems I was developing 'Kill' so I could instruct the application to kill a colleague I disliked.



New Year

It was Christmas, I was with the parents, but my sister, her husband and her three daughters came on boxing day. All was good. Came home, had to have the pump in the central heating fixed. My car is not good, but I've found someone* who seems competent to fix it - apparently the Saab dealer I got to replace the head gasket two years ago didn't put everything back right - I wasn't very happy at the time with the work and haven't gone back to them ever - which is why it's been leaking oil and now is stalling.

New year's eve I went to the 'mega party' at TJs, since I don't know anyone in Newport, which was as good as it may be. Not being a party person and all that, but it was better than sitting at home alone. My new year's resolution is to find some friends who don't live a couple of hundred miles away.

So I have a new year, a courtesy car another classic 900 in grey (like Colin Firth's in Love Actually, but lacking the Portuguese babe. Pity.)


* I could rant about accessibility of their web site, but won't. They seem like nice people.