SciTE and ctags

I've been using SciTE as editor of choice for some time, and spent a little time today getting a few extra things working for C99 projects. This year I'm refreshing my C a bit, as I haven't done anything which has specifically used C99.

There's support in SciTE for autocompletion of words within the file by hitting Ctrl+Enter, but you can also add .api files which list function prototypes for an API, giving autocompletion via Ctrl+I. You can either use the files provided for C and Java, or use ctags and a bit of Python to build your own.

The C.api file on scintilla.org is a bit small, but I couldn't get ctags to find most of the prototypes from /usr/include/*.h and /usr/include/sys/*.h. So I made a little bash script to pass each header through cpp, then extract it, which worked OK.

This seems to work to generate tags file for conversion to SciTE api file:

ctags -f - --c-kinds=+p-d --excmd=number /usr/include/*.h | grep -E "^[^~_]" > tags

or from the kin project folder:

ctags -f - --c-kinds=+p-d --excmd=number src/core/*.h | grep -E "^([^_~]|_[^_])" > tags

without --excmd=number the python script fails to convert the tags to api, as it uses patterns rather than line numbers.

Also changed some of user properties - to break it up a bit more with files into the ~/.SciTE/ folder. This moves the c and asm highlighing into separate files, a machine.properties file for machine specifics (such as where to put the window and whether to show tabs and status, which depends on screen size).

I also created a 'workbook.sh' script to write the date to today's workbook file and open it.

To get directory properties working, enable them in user properties with


Then the SciTEDirectory.properties file has its local settings for the project. This defines

# project home

# make
make.command=cd $(ProjectHome); make $(FileName)

# go
command.go.*.c=cd $(ProjectHome);bin/$(FileName)

# Extend C API with project API

# Retag
command.1.*=cd $(ProjectHome);\
ctags -f - --c-kinds=+p --excmd=number src/core/*.h | grep -E "^(kini?|opcode)_" > project.tags; \
python ~/.SciTE/tags2api.py project.tags > project.api\
rm project.tags

# Apropos
command.2.*=grep -E $(CurrentWord) /home/pete/.SciTE/c99.api $(ProjectHome)/project.api

# Info
command.3.*=firefox http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/000095399/functions/$(CurrentWord).html

This means build and run are performed in the project folder, and adds three extra commands - the first runs ctags to rebuild the project's tag index. The second searches the tag index for a highlighted word as a substring (rather than the built-in popup, which you type the first few letters). The third opens the unix spec for the highlighted function, which includes the C standard library functions too.

I've put the contents of my ~/.SciTE folder here, along with my .SciTEUser.properties file. There's the generated C99.api, asm and cpp properties without bold fonts (which mess up formatting), a version of cleanup.cc which will compile with gcc, protags.sh which preprocesses and ctags include files, and workbook.sh which creates a workbook/TODAY.log file and opens it in SciTE.

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Todo list

I'm between contracts at the moment (if you're in the UK and want a systems engineering toolsmith, my CV is here) so there are a few projects I've been meaning to get round to:

  • Review Artisan's free version of their SysML tool

  • Sort out automating backups rather than just using hg now and again

  • Convert lots of m4a and import CDs into my new toy, a SqueezeBox network music player

  • Get a coherent prototype of a kin interpreter running, at least to test whether tuples, traits and relations work for the sorts of problems I write code for

  • Get rid of lots of junk currently in storage which I haven't used for years

  • Get rid of the TV. My new monitor + iPlayer is good enough to watch, and there's no digital reception here.