Squeezebox (more things I'll forget)

I've had a squeezebox for about 14 months, about half of which time it hasn't worked.

This was due to a combination of excito 'Bubba' (a small ARM based file server) not supporting upgrading their Debian installation without losing such things as power management, and squeezecentre being appalling bad at supporting old versions. I needed to upgrade the OS to use my backup drive - connecting a removable backup drive to a file server is a pretty major use case. As a result, I'm having to ditch the 'Bubba' as it's stuck on the old version.

I have now set up the little x64 Ubuntu box (an ASRock ION) I was using when away contracting as a sever. As it seems always happens with squeezecenter, the latest installer (7.4.4) installs a non-functional system - it requires SQL tables which were set up by a previous version, as as the downloads web page is a pretty thing with JavaScript instead of links you have to spend ages to find where the actual older versions are. squeezecenter 7.3.4 is here. Why they have an installer for a broken version for a bit of kit you have to pay for I cannot say, but I am distinctly unimpressed by logitech in this regard.

As a reminder, since I was using the box previously as a server, I had to configure the network on the command line. This was:

sudo ifconfig eth0 # set the interface IP
sudo scite /etc/hosts # check the hostname for the system maps to this IP
sudo scite /etc/resolv.conf # add 'nameserver' lines for each DNS

I'd forgot that .55 was already used in this network, so it wouldn't connect, so I don't know if setting the gateway is required for it to connect or not.

To make it permanent, edit /etc/network/interfaces

iface eth0 inet static

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