Spent the weekend at Womad. Danced around a lot, listened to music, that sort of thing. I gave up trying to be organised at festivals some time ago, so now I just wander round listening to whatever seems good. Radio 3 have some music online; Hot Tuna, Jim Moray, SideStepper and David Byrne.

Oh, and I also got PAIP for my birthday present, which is good- there's more or less similar solutions to the one's I've been using for the stuff I've been doing, which is good, and the differences are interesting too.



Rather Nice

Today I got lamb's best kept secrets for my birthday from my dad.

Current project- as the parser, the model transform and the diagram generator all have half a Prolog implementation in them, I'm factoring it out, and wrapping it in JSR-94, the Java rule engine API.

I also had a look into Xerces internals, and am tempted to do a lightweight XML parser based on the pack-rat style lazy parse; not that XML needs much look-ahead (only as far as end of enclosing tag for xmlns declarations), but was discussing the cost of creating whatever backs Attributes objects in sax..