I can study rain...gon' drive my blues away

Today I am sad.

I left BAE a week ago, then singularly failed to do enough revising for my maths exam yesterday, and didn't do that well in it - had to rush a few things, spent too long looking up proofs and ran out of time at the end.

Today it was raining, and seems like it will be for the rest of the week, so it's unlikely I'll fly my kite on the beach before I go to Newport. I spent some of the day chasing after references that hadn't arrived, and some packing many books and papers into boxes. I'm quite fond of my little house here, even though I think it's the right time to go.

I think I'm going down on Sunday, unless I can get an estate agent to view a few properties with me, in which case I may go down earlier. There's a lot of flux in the rentals advertised on the web, so I'll have to make a decision pretty well on the day (not that that's unusual for rentals), and there's always a risk that there won't be anywhere that grabs me. Although my employer will pay for temporary accomadation, I like having all my bits and pieces - books, and always on internet access (my laptop has died), and music. I put 850 songs onto my nanopod, but that's only a fraction of my albums.

My knee still is still painful from falling over skating, so I can't go out for a run or skip or a skate; I'm in a house that having its soul eaten by brown cardboard boxes.

Someone slap me before this turns into live journal.



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