3 more days

Have 3 more days to go at BAE, then a week and a half in which I've got my OU exam, need to get the car serviced, and go to south Wales.

I'm sick of being in a small country town, so I'm pretty sure I'll end up in Newport, as they have this, this, and this which is somewhat more than Lytham offers, though it'll mean a 40 minute commute - which is probably better than the other way round, as I don't bother going to Lancaster for local gigs or movies (as the Dukes often gets them about the same time as Amazon rents them). Generally I do tend to travel for exhibitions (I saw York gallery's celebrating ceramics
exhibition last weekend (don't blame me if that link fails when the exhibition ends), though I preferred it when they had the Milner White collection in its own permenant room, though they could have rotated it and their other ceramics works more).

Anyway, the plan is to go down the weekend before, and be in a guest house in Newport for a week or two so I can get a bettter feel of the area.

I recently got Skin's Fleshwounds and am having trouble not putting Getting away with it on permanent repeat. And she's playing in Bristol in November.



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