Life's too short

Link: http://www.dehora.net/journal/2005/06/hitting_reload_is_the_framework_job.html

Life's too short, too short to be working on technology that can only possibly make sense when you're in dressed in combats and vans listening to Pearljam... there's a real wish to conduct oneself at a higher level of abstraction before complete dementia sets in.

I may well use something like this when I talk to the boss next week - I'm sick of having no resources to work in the way I believe in, having been at the front of using hypertext repositories for engineering design in '99, and have always been passionate about flowful UI, and gradually - partly due to certain individuals in the company, partly just we don't have the time or the money on any given job to put together infrastructure - I've been forced to work building version systems on NT shares (so can't provide transactions or tagging) and to make things 'just like they are on the mainframe' as someone doesn't want to be retrained. Like you need to be trained to fill a form in a webpage.

And I'm close to just saying I've 12 years aerospace knowledge management experience, 15 years OO experience, 9 years with Java, and if BAE doesn't want to pay me 30K by the time I'm 35 years old, it's too insulting to keep working there, whether I've got another job to go to or not.



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