sshfs and subversion

I just lost a longer post as I'd forgotten to plug my laptop in, and was editing in SciTE rather than here, and the laptop powered off rather than hibernating (I've changed the setting now, System>Preferences>Power Management, the 'On Battery Power' tab, though why the default action was to destroy data I don't know. Bad Ubuntu.)

Anyway, I've got sshfs working instead of samba on the laptop, as SciTE doesn't understand smb: urls, and installed subversion on lure, my little server, so have a shared code repository between my machines. I also set up password less login so to use svn+ssh to connect to subversion from both fortinbras, my laptop and tercel-1, the Netra I've installed build tools on. I can now edit on either machine using the same tools, sync with svn, and build.

Now I might actually get round to doing something with the projects which have been sitting on my hard-drive for the last year or so.


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