Things I'll forget: Getting gcc, make and curl on Solaris 10

More admin stuff I'll forget if I don't record it:

Getting Curl

Curl is on the Solaris Companion Software DVD.

Having downloaded the companion DVD image, I mounted it on the Mac (double clicking the ISO image).

I then used Transmit to ftp the Sparc packages onto the 9GB install drive on tercel-1:/solimage/companion.

The readme for the DVD gives install instructions.

Mounting the DVD contents between the servers using NFS:
tercel-1# share /solimage/
tercel-2# mkdir /solimage
tercel-2# mount tercel-1:/solimage/ /solimage/

Installing the packages from the /solimage/companion/Packages directory:

tercel-N# pkgadd -d /solimage/companion/Solaris_sparc/Packages/ SFWcurl

Adding /opt/sfw/bin to PATH in ~/.bashrc means curl is on the path, and works when invoked - curl http://www.tincancamera.com gets the source for the homepage.

Finding gcc and make

You need . .bashrc in ~/.profile for .bashrc to be executed on login.

The additonal paths I've got so far are:

/opt/sfw/bin/ for curl.
/usr/sfw/bin/ for gcc

I wasn't entirely sure why curl is in /opt rather than /usr, but An Accelerated Introduction to Solaris 10 clarifies what the bits of the file system are for.

The make in /usr/ccs/bin/ is Sun make, not gnu make, which is /usr/sfw/bin/gmake. Add alias to .bashrc:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/sfw/bin/:/usr/sfw/bin/
export PS1="\\h\\$ "
alias make=/usr/sfw/gmake

Currently I'm synchronizing these files between the tercels using ftp; I've a Bubba server on order so will move all my profiles onto that, since it's designed to be always on in a domestic setting.




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