Easter, York

As my annual wont, I spent the weekend in York, attending the Visions Easter service. Some years I seem to connect with the story more than others; this year I've been working trying to get some major stress analysis codes ported onto a Condor cluster, so it took til Sunday afternoon before I'd switched out of work mode (I then fell asleep and was late for the evening service).

Was staying with my friend Richard, who broke up with his girlfriend of 6 months an hour before I arrived, and was joined by another mate Matt, who also recent broke up. We drank whiskey and planned a mountaineering trip.
Monday I went shopping in York, and bought a grey bowl by Phil Lyddon, similar to this one, but darker blue grey (though it may actually be the same glaze with a different colour balance than real life).

I also bought some new strings for my acoustic fretless bass guitar, and am trying some Ernie Ball Earthwood® Phosphor Bronze strings. They're really nice - lots of 'splang' on the tops and 'cork' on the bottom, with plenty of volume at the low end (both onomatopoeic - 'cork' is good for bass - a hard attack and a sort of growl, like plucking the bass strings on a piano). I keep playing things with lots of low G and F as it sounds so good.



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