Adding Jar files to OS X apps

Link: http://www.cs-ed.org/blogs/mjadud/archives/programming/

I was trying to package a jar file based application up for OS X in XCode, and it seems to be less than happily documented (though I don't know my way round XCode as I use armed bear J as my main editor). After doing what the blog said, I found I needed to move the jar into J.app/Contents/Resources/Java, and alter the classpath in info.plist. But I guess that XCode is s'posed to be used for the project, not just to mac-ify a Java app. Ho Hum.

[eta: developer.apple.com does actually give the info on what is in the package contents of an application, so you can build one yourself in Ant if you want, rather than messing around with XCode.]


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