I haven't posted since November, as I've been a bit busy.

I got married on the 29th December.

I left my job writing an interpreter for real-time simulation in South Wales so I could come to Glasgow and had employment at Crocodile Clips in Edinburgh, writing electronics and physics simulation software for schools. Unfortunately, Crocodile lost a large order so failed to honour that contract, so by the start of December I was unemployed.

By mid-December I had got an offer from Telelogic AG, to work turning the DOORS runtime into a peer-to-peer model, but I was also in discussion with Doosan Babcock for a more applied-math role. Babcock couldn't arrange final interview in the time scale to make a reply to Telelogic's offer, so I let Telelogic go.

I then got married and went on honeymoon to Harris.

When I returned, I had a final interview with Babcock, which was successful, but somewhere higher up in the management the salary - which we'd discussed in the first interview - was revised downwards by 15,000, so that failed to complete.

Since mid February I've been working down south doing a short-term contract writing a strategy for unit testing and integration testing a hybrid electronics/software project. I've now finished that, so am back in Glasgow with my wife (actually she's off on an academic conference this weekend, but we did get to spent the evening together yesterday) and I'm again trying to find any interesting technical lead roles that don't mean we're apart.




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