Gpu and meta programming

This last week I've been looking a bit at some of the gpu toolkits that I mentioned last week. Mostly that has concerned getting used to building them, since my home computers done have high enough spec graphics cards to run them. I'm getting tempted to buy a shuttle to play with, but like using my laptop more than a desktop, and it seems a waste buying a top-flight graphics card then interacting with it via a laptop and ssh (which is how I often use my Mac).

I've also started porting a large program from Windows to Linux so I can operate on it using oink static analysis tools and Mozilla's scriptable metaprogramming tools. Actually it only needs to preprocess on gcc rather than be ported, but it would be nice if I could run it at home.

Also this got me thinking about how to do an efficient triple-store.


(removed link to chocolate bunnies pic)

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