Space cadets

The last two weeks I was space-caddetting to rewrite something at work: taking the existing code of an OA service (~45 klocs C++ math engine, ~55 klocs Java framework for UI, persistance, web services, ~100 klocs model-generated-java for data classes to feed the math (there's lots of junk to make the thing understand units, so for each value you end up storing the value, the units, and the value in SI so the simulation math works), ~100 klocs model-generated-JNI to hang them together) and capturing the C++ as UXF (more human precursor of XMI) + MathML, so all the model-specific code is generated from the XML model, and we can trim the JNI baggage. This is for a simulation and optimisation package for operational analysis.

I think I'll see if I can either release the non-restricted parts, or update the kin system along a similar line; I certainly want SystemESP's MOF implementation to be compatible. It's relatively easy to get a decent math model out of MathML by using XSLT to transform it into Java. The question is can I get the reverse engineering aspect I've been using for my lighter-weight ASN persistance to hook into it; if so you can get nice persistance + object browser tool.

Last weekend I got round to reading Cryptonomicon.

Need more sleep.

And to resist urge to join the SoJ.

Haven't heard from Malvern yet either, though MathWorks is advertising for senior Java engineer for visualisation. Unfortunately, that's in the USA, and I doubt they'd want a teleworker.



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